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Hi, I just found out about your blog via Google and found
Something like parallel work in Google, in which I try to comprehend different
achievements. A friend let me read your blog and now
I wonder what your poems will turn out from it. Thanks.
I am also very pleased that I turned out to be interesting for someone and
hooked. I hope that something interesting will come out of this in life.
It's nice when someone just shares with you what he has.
it turns out. I really like the poem "Hooked",
it's really impressive.
Sincerely, Yaroslav.
Translation into Russian:
word hooked
In the evening silence
For long words
For a light warm wind
that shed the leaves,
And for the first month
It melts in the eyes
In a stream of darkness.
But the month was born
No, it's only light
In the morning, however,
For a moment it breaks
Like snow in the sun.
There is white smoldering in it
And white light.
For a month is the word
Born through the ages
Kicks snow off the ledge
And a light breeze.
And again strives from the sky
On the ground, on business,
But it was too long
It's magical.
my fate -
Everything that didn't come true
In his bottomless light
Poetry is mine. f02ee7bd2b